My Friends of Corrie Board on Pinterest

Photo by Tracy Le Blanc on

Today, I created a “Friends of Corrie” pin on Pinterest. Only I didn’t know how to create a pin. After researching this for an hour, I created a pin, but I could not add a link. So I wrote a blog post and link the pin to my blog post’s URL. I don’t know if it will work yet. So I’ll continue writing this post and upload two pictures of dogs who are taking part in my Pinterest board idea and the pin I have created to support the message of my new book Corrie Cocker Spaniel. Then I’ll test the link. I list the pin and board description below.

Here are the dogs and puppies of friends and family who like my new book Corrie Cocker Spaniel.

Friends of Corrie

Evelyn’s dog, Star, is a friendly pomeranian. Photo by tee125
Nina’s dog, Napoleon, is a fiesty yorkshire terrier. Photo by Nina Bond

The Friends of Corrie all agree that people should not abandon dogs. Remember, dogs and puppies are family members who deserve our love and loyalty. If you love dogs and you want to take part, email me a photo of your puppy or dog, and I will post it on my social media platforms.

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