Lights, Camera, Action

Photo by John-Mark Smith on

Yesterday, I had the privilege of visiting the set of a local talk show. I was so excited! Let me backtrack and rewind here for a minute though. At the end of 2018, a cousin introduced me to a friend of hers who is a local talk show host. My cousin asked her to drop me home after the event we were attending. On the ride home, I found that she and I had a lot in common. We’re former affiliates of the Department of Education, living in the same borough, and retired but not done dreaming. So we traded numbers and promised to keep in touch.

Fast forward to a month or two later, she asked me to be a Production Coordinator for her local television show. I was hesitant to sign on, thinking I knew nothing about this industry. I truly didn’t think I was qualified. Besides, I was enjoying my free time. When she explained how easy it would be, I thought I’d try it out. This later led to an invitation to the studio. She asked me to fill in for another of her employees last night. Basically, I would sign guests in, give them a meal ticket, take pictures of the host and guests. I was so excited! I arrived early, received my instructions, and waited to work. It seemed easy enough, right?

Well, it was much harder than I thought. The first guest arrived, and the energy went from zero to one-hundred fast. It shocked me to find out how much work it takes to put on a production. However, it was a real learning experience. I have a newfound respect for people who work in the entertainment industry. I also know it’s not for me. So I’ll just chalk this up to being another retired adventure. I’ll stick to being a retired teacher and children’s book author for now.