A New Book for a New Normal

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Since the beginning of the recent pandemic in the United States, I sort of went into my shell like a turtle or a snail for protection from predators. Having a child, an elderly mom, and a disabled brother all living together made me extremely cautious. After navigating the bits of data coming from the media and the professionals in the medical world, I zoomed in on what our family could do to get through this crisis. So, I made healthy habits a priority in our household. Our way of life was about to change drastically.

For starters, my child would begin remote learning. Therefore, there were no longer any early morning commutes. The school scheduled classes and they would not tolerate lack of attendance. Luckily, my child attends private school and each student already had in their possession an Apple iPad issued by their school, which is part of their curriculum. Teachers sent home the textbooks and all their supplies with them on their last day of class before they shut down. My child transitioned easily. We followed the new schedule and adjusted our lives for a version of home schooling that became our new normal.

Once my son settled into his new school schedule, I was free to do other things. I completed projects I started before the pandemic hit our country. I finished painting our dinning room, organized my pantry, pulled out some books I’d been planning to read while I was still teaching, and then I wrote a new picture book for children. I spent a sizeable amount of my time creating and drawing my characters. The story came to me easily because of my experiences as a parent and a teacher. I wanted to help parents, teachers, and children during the pandemic.

Here’s my new picture book:

Click the link to check out my book.

I hope this book helps you to talk to your children about the new normal. Take care an stay safe.