New Beginnings

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On March 26th, I published my first video podcast on Anchor/Spotify! This was a huge step for me since I am not an extrovert. However, I was given this opportunity to become among the first group of podcasters to have access to Video Podcasts on Spotify and I could not pass on this chance. For now, the video podcasts can only be viewed on Spotify. They will be formatted as audio on all other platforms. So, stop by and give a listen, answer the questions, and vote in my poll if you have the time. The title of my podcast is…Tee’s Talk Time.

Now the hard work begins. I’ll need to “up my game.” I’ll have to improve my lighting, audio, virtual screen or backdrop, and line up guests for interviews. And then there’s the editing of videos to be done after I record each show. Or maybe I’ll get my son to do that. I guess it’ll be fun to see the progress from show to show. So, everyone be patient with me until I get a hang of it.  Try to laugh with me instead of laughing at me. And if I look tired on that first show, just know I did several takes before ending up with the final edited video.

No problem, right? I’ll just take what I’ve learned from creating my YouTube channel and apply some of it to this new venture. The only difference is that on my YouTube channel, I don’t show my face, nor do I use my real voice on screen. This endeavor is way more subjective, so I’ll need to have thicker skin. Anyhow, I’m not one to walk away from a challenge or an opportunity. I was taught to never say can’t and only say I’ll try. So, are you rooting for me? I hope you’ll listen in sometime soon. Talk to you later.