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For the last two days I’ve been working on revising and editing my book. It’s been difficult work, but I’m passionate about getting my new edition out soon. The editing process can be tedious and time consuming. If you’d like to have a little help with speeding up your editing process, you can use free tools like Grammarly or ProWritingAid. You can also hire an editor to do the job for you. By now you know I like to do things on my own, so I’ve finally finished editing my book. Now I have to format it.

I hope you find those links to be helpful. Oh. I just finished formating my book. I’m ordering a proof right now. I’ll publish after I’ve read the proof. So wish me luck!

Revisions and Character Development

You might have noticed I took a day off from blogging yesterday. I wanted to work on my manuscript for a few hours instead of blogging. So I located my file on an old USB and opened it. Then I proceeded to read through my story more than ever before. My eyes were like lasers doing a detailed surgery on my text. The main thing I noticed was the text needed better character development.

So I zoomed in closely on my main character’s traits. I wanted the audience to feel like they might know him or at least understand his point of view. I needed to use more adjectives, only I didn’t want to overdo it. I am not writing this book for adults, so I have to control the level of the vocabulary I’m using. I also need to control the length of the text in terms of the number of pages it will be when I’m done enhancing the characters.

Here some YouTube videos that you might find helpful if you’re developing the characters in your book:

This YouTuber shows how to create characters for childrens books.
This YouTuber shows you how to brainstorm character traits to build a strong character for your book.

So You Want to Self-Publish a Book!

My first book was self-published on Createspace years ago. As of 2019, Createspace has merged with Kindle Direct Publishing. So I’ll revisit my first manuscript today and make a decision about whether or not I want to pay for editing, formatting, and a new privately owned ISBN number. I want to take my book to the next level this time. So it’s time to take the book out of the attic so to speak, dust it off, and make it ready for resale.

For those of you out there who are considering following suit, that is you are trying to publish a book through a free source you can watch the video below for a few tips.

Here’s to happy writing! I’ll be back with updates on how far I’ve gone in the process soon. Until then keep writing!