By Teresa Smith

The sun to guide us by day. The moon to watch over us by night as we sleep. God loved us so much he gave us a night light. Any of you have children who were once afraid of the dark? Remember getting those night lights with the cartoon character they loved most on it? I remember I bought my son that cooler one as advertised on TV. It was shaped like a dog and it reflected stars on the ceiling. He would not go to sleep until I turned it on each night. I never wanted him to feel afraid, so I comforted him with the light just as God comforts us.

Just the other day, as I was sitting in the parking lot waiting for my son to be dismissed from school, I saw the sun in the sky surrounded by clouds and thought it was an analogy of what we are going through at this time on earth as human beings. We are surrounded by the cloud of Covid-19, but the sun is shining through the clouds showing us there is hope on the horizon.

We are not alone. Our light is shining on the pathway to our new beginning. So hold on, keep the faith, and keep fighting and we’ll see the dawning of a new day.


The Absence of Your Presence

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When gathering in groups routinely, various roles emerge. The leader leads, the followers follow, and the rebels rebel. Sometimes each of these exchange roles as time goes by, however, when one leaves the group the absence of the members’ presence is felt. Why, you may ask me. It is because the dynamic of the group has to change again. A valuable piece of the puzzle is missing leaving a void that must be filled by someone or something. The silence of the missing group member speaks volumes. It is as if they were never noticed before the moment they left.

This new development can be considered a negative or a positive depending upon who you are within a group. Some may breathe a sigh of relief that the person is gone, while others may in some ways mourn the loss to the group. Still others will seem indifferent pretending not to even notice the change. But they notice all right. They notice that something is dfferent.

I am letting you know today that the absence of your presence whether in a group or on this Earth is felt by those you leave behind, walk away from, abandon, or even those you dance away from like a sweet aroma passing by your nostrils as you go about your day. We matter! That is one thing that cannot be denied. So, make your presence known even in your absence.

Being Invisible

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We are bombarded with images every second of our lives. The media throws ads at us nonstop. We’re on our devices constantly looking at screens filled with images, information, and misinformation. We devour these images and fill our minds with endless pictures that we sort into categories, like beautiful, ugly, scary, etc. Practically everything that we see dominates our thoughts during the day and enters our dreams at night. But is what we are seeing always real? Are images and what is on the outside most important, or is the invisible more real than the visible?

Just think of all the things we cannot see with the naked eye, that are more powerful than the things we see. The wind is powerful at times, right? The air that we breathe cannot be seen, but we need it to survive. This virus we’re all fighting right now cannot be seen with the naked eye, yet it is very real. The effects of the virus can be seen at times and at other times, and in varying cases the effects are invisible. Most images are made up of pixels. These pixels fool the eye into seeing the entire image. Sometimes what is seen is not even real.

I tend to think of being invisible as a sort of superpower. Just think, a few months ago nobody even noticed all of the essential workers and no one saw this virus enter America. All those people working behind the scenes are a powerful force that keeps America moving forward on a daily basis. That person who feeds the hungry in private, makes an anonymous donation, lifts your spirit when you’re down, calls to make sure you made it home safely, prays for you to get better without telling others, and loves you unconditionally while no one else knows is an invisible hero. And for those of you who believe in God or a higher power as I do, you know that God is the ultimate invisible hero with endless invisible superpowers.

So the next time someone treats you as if you are invisible, remember your superpower and continue to use it to defeat the enemy.