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During my first year of retirement, I was carefree and unstressed. I’d awaken an hour later than I had when I was working. I’d shower and make breakfast for my preteen and myself. In the past, I’d almost never have any time left to eat breakfast myself. Now I could enjoy the first meal of the day with my child and even have time to have an actual conversation during the meal. Upon retiring the added chore of making my child’s lunch in the morning was even enjoyable. I’d call out, “What would you like to have for lunch today?” I was like the waitress eagerly awaiting an order from my customer who could choose any item from a myriad of dishes listed on my menu and I was also the chef who was confident I could produce any dish upon request. Then came the ten-minute commute to my child’s school. This was a breeze!

After school drop-off, I had about six hours all to myself. There were days when I’d go back home, lounge on the sofa reading a book or I’d sit there watching a movie on Netflix knowing I’d finally be able to complete those leisurely activities. Sometimes I’d just drive 25 minutes away to another borough to meet up with my sister and window shop, chat, and have lunch afterward. Then I’d drive back, pick up my child and proceed to go home. I know you think I was living the life of Riely, right? Or was I?

  1. Thank you to everyone who liked this blog post. I’ve been away from blogging for awhile. I was working on…


2 thoughts on “Year One

  1. Love the detail of your writing. It’s like reading a book that you don’t want to put down! I was reading so smoothly through your work that I felt almost like I was left hanging. Please write more when you get the chance. It really is interesting and an easy read.


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